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From design to production: the electronic board manufacturing process

The procedure begins with the development of a prototype that meets our customer's requirements. Products are validated by means of ICT and functional testing utilising specialist equipment.

Series production is based on rigorous and proven manufacturing procedures, visual inspections, in-circuit and functional tests on 100% of the assembled boards.

Warehousing and packaging

Warehousing activities, from the receipt of components, to order preparation, and right through the dispatch of finished products, are planned in every detail in accordance with industry quality standards.

All materials are stored in a protected environment, protected from climatic contamination and sealed with special vacuum machines. In order to optimise production scheduling, the company has 3 Lista vertical automatic warehouses that allow several orders to be prepared simultaneously.

The production cycle concludes at the packaging area, which is organised in such a way as to provide for the packaging of the product in containers suitable for transport and according to specific customer requirements.

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