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From design to production: the electronic board manufacturing process

The procedure begins with the development of a prototype that meets our customer's requirements. Products are validated by means of ICT and functional testing utilising specialist equipment.

Series production is based on rigorous and proven manufacturing procedures, visual inspections, in-circuit and functional tests on 100% of the assembled boards.

SMT assembly

The SMT (Surface Mount Technology) division is hallmarked by the use of state-of-the-art equipment that enables maximum productivity and quality in a temperature-controlled environment, in compliance with procedures for ESD (electrostatic discharge prevention) and MSL (moisture sensitivity level, regarding the handling and storage of PCBs and moisture-sensitive components, with baking treatment if required).

The speed of execution, precision and flexibility of the assembly lines make them ideal for the production of both large batches and numerically small series, such as making prototypes. The division has equipment for checking soldering and component positioning, for automatic AOI inspection, microscopes and viewers.

The department is also equipped with a semi-automatic machine for the re-machining of BGA components.

  • Screen printing machine with patented table/stencil alignment technology, automatic cleaning and 2D optical inspection on solder paste deposit;
  • 1 extremely fast and flexible Pick&Place machine with colour fiducial camera and 6 placing heads allowing the assembly of a range of components from 0201 to 120x90mm, BGA, CSP and connectors;
  • Convection oven with 16 total zones with mesh conveyor system;
  • Conveyors with automatic loading/unloading of boards
  • Screen printer with optical centring, equipped with automatic cleaning and solder paste presence check on the stencil;
  • 2 P&P machines, providing ample feeder capacity and, working simultaneously, the right balance between speed and quality in assembly;
  • Convection oven with 16 total zones with mesh conveyor system;
  • Conveyors with automatic board loading/unloading

To complete board assembly on the SMT lines, 100 percent automatic inspection of the production batch is carried out using AOI machines to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards.

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